Good news for every cricket fan of India, Australian Fast bowling spearhead Brett Lee is ruled out from rest of the series against India. Lee suffering from an elbow injury will fly back to home for treatment, announced by Cricket Australia. In the recently ended Champions trophy Lee plays the important role for the New South Wales also bags Man of the Series. He excels in his bowling and also with bat. He is expected to come in to the test team in the summer after he is not selected for Ashes series in England. This will cause concern to the Cricket Australia about his selection in the Summer. And his unavailability in this series makes the bowling department nullified since their remaining bowlers are giving too many runs in the death over. Ricky Pointing also pointed this Lee absence will cost much too the team. His absence may also cause his fans over here unhappy but anyway team India will face the Australia with confidence

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Recently Microsoft releases its new Operating system Windows 7. During the previous press interview when the reporter asked about the google trying to build their own operating system, the management consider it as light and they think they cant compete with their strength in the market. Its no wonder they are very confident in their market strength that google cant take over it. But there is a silent competitor which occupies the market. The name is UBUNTU linux based operating system. Many big companies, Government offices are using this OS, as this is a open source OS. Previously there are many software is not compatible with Ubuntu but the latest version 9.10 clarifies all. Even it comes with firefox browser and many manufacturer are offering ubuntu as another OS. Also hacking is not possible in this as windows which makes it reliable to government offices.

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Along the UK’s Jurassic coast the fossilized skull of the colossal “ Sea Monster ” has been unearthed. The name of the monster is Pliosaur which terrorized the oceans 150 million years ago. If you hear the size of the monster u lower jaw automatically lowered. The skull is 2.4m long and measured unto 16m in length. Pliosaurs were the form of plesiosaur which dominates the seas around the same time dinosaurs ruled the land. They have strong necks, powerful jaws with full of razor teeth. This recent finding may be a rival to predator X measured 15ft in Mexico and monster of aramberri.

Do you know how the Continent America is named? If those who don’t know can continue to read this. Those who know already also can continue to this. Since you don’t have any work I know that( so only you are reading my blog post). Almost 500 years ago every one belives that the world consists of Asia, Africa, and Europe, the three part of the world known since antiquity. After they discover the unknown fourth world.So the name it after the Itallian merchant Amerigo Vespucci. A map reveals the information of this, measures 8ft wide by 4.5ft high. The map was the first to suggest the existence of pacific ocean . Reacently US library of congress acquired the map for the sum of $10m, Highest price the library had ever paid for anything in its vast collection. They consider it as proud by referring to the map as America’s “ birth certificate”

Every one starts to learn after getting to school. So to the interesting findings is Frog embryo can smell their predators. Still developing as embryos frog learns to recognize the smell of their enemies. Research found that woodfrog embryo were able to learn the level of threat posed by their future enemy salamanders. For testing the team combined crushed tadpole with water that a tiger salamander had been swimming in. They pored this water in the water surrounding the woodfrog embryo egg mass. As the embryo presumably samples the water and can smells the cues. After the egg hatched to tadpole is introduced container contain water and measured about their movement. Next they moved it to container contain of odour of salamander and measure the movement. The result is dramatic the tadpole go from swimming not stop, to not moving at all for several minutes as the common anti predator behavior is freezing. This learning sense at the early stage of development is so amazing isn’t it?

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Every one can earn money during there lifetime but there are really very rare people who gets earn after their death. So we are going to see the personality like that who earn money after his death. The King of pop” Micheal Jackson” is the one. The Documentary movie “THIS IS IT” is all about Micheal Jackson rehearsals in the day before his shocking death. This movie earned $20.1 million at the US box office in the day it released. This total earning comes from $12.7 million from internationally and $7.4 million from U.S itself. This movie was released by Sony picture a 90 minute running rehearsal of him. T his box office hit makes him one of the top earning dead celebrity.

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When the second world war ended, there is a demand for the medical assistances and nurses in the western countries. From that to till the demand seems to increase and not decreased. So many people want to be medical assistance to enrich their carrier. So for that we need schools to train the medical assistance. Many schools are opened to train the medical assistance. Their will be many schools but care to be taken to choose the best from it. One of the renowned school in the medical assistance training is St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants. They also provide good opportunity for their students to get good placement before they move out from the campus. St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants is very famous for this placement and their care toward their students and their academic career. So this keeps the students eagerly waiting to get admission in St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants.

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Dish Network, direct tv business packages providers didn’t just appear over night. The development of satellite television took years and its origins can be traced back to the 1950s and the space race.The original concept of satellite television is often attributed to writer Arthur C. Clarke, who was the first to suggest a worldwide satellite communications system. Funding for satellite technology in the U.S. began in the 1950s, amidst the space race, and the Russian launching of the satellite Sputnik in 1957.The first communication satellite was developed by a group of businesses and government entities in 1963. Syncom II orbited at 22,300 miles over the Atlantic; the first satellite communication was on July 26, 1963, between a U.S. Navy ship in Lagos, Nigeria and the U.S. Army naval station in Lakehurst, New Jersey. Overloaded land based distribution methods had the telephone companies utilizing satellite communication way before the television industry even came into the picture. In fact, it was not until 1978 that satellite communication was officially used by the television industry. In 1975, RWT's co-founder and BBC transmitter engineer Stephen Birkill built an experimental system for receiving Satellite Instructional Television Experiment TV (SITE) transmissions, beamed to Indian villages, from a NASA geostationary satellite.

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In those days we used to play outdoor games like cricket, volleyball, baseball, and many games. But those are those days, today youngsters and children are rare to see in the field of these above mentioned games the number is reduced much than ever. The places of those games are occupied by modern video games which brings reality and more fun than ever. No wonder youngsters are attracted towards it. They need the action and adventure thrill in instance. So the video games offer them what they want. Especially action games like war field games bring much reality and action thrill they want. This year released action war game modern warfare 2 is expected to release in this November. So many children and youngsters are waiting for the release. From this expectation you can judge how far the game reach and get popular among the youngsters.
This modern warfare 2 game is compatible with the Xbox 360 a separate console for playing games. Most of the players who used play the action games are interested to play in this Xbox. Not only the Xbox but also PS3 is available for these games to play. So this November should be a great fun to the players who are waiting for the games to play in there console. The specialty of this game is it brings the liveliness of the war field like the player itself enters into the game. When game like this which makes the player much involved in the game bring the victory to the company who released it. So let’s play the game.

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Did the recession job cuts affects only the corporate companies? If you say YES please correct yourself. If you say No then tap your back. Recession Not only affect the corporate companies but also research station and that too NASA. NASA has announced it is considering about more than 20 percentage of its employee to save upto $1.5 Billion to $2 Billion a year for its manned mission operation. According to officials from NASA says they involve in a number of preliminary activities to look at possible options for cost savings across the agency to meet there future budget constraint. This cut back would reduce personnel in over space agency work as well as contract personnel assisted to coordinate with NASA. Already the contract personnel are reduce to 2000 now its again trimming the numbers.

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"Magnetricity” – Is this word new to you? It should be. You know the flow of electron makes the current. If the magnet produce the current means? So here is the name they given to the latest and hottest discovery. Magnetic Electricity. Researchers have discovered this single magnetic charges that behave and interact like electrons. This was only discovered in spin ice crystal, which make use of the magnetic monopoles. Magnetic monopole were first predicted a century ago. There are proton and electrons exists in monopole but there is no particle which carry the charge. It is found only in the Spin ice crystal. This discovery leads this material may be used in future in magnetic memory storage device.

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Today a series of attack on security forces in Pakistan by militant of Taliban. Pakistan’s Second largest city Lahore is attacked by the militant in various places. This includes Office of the Federal Investigation Agency, two police training centres which was attacked by militants. A car bomb attack on the police station in the northern town of kohat and a car bomb in a school near Peshawar. At least 38 people killed in this attack. So for there has been 5 attacks by the militants in this month itself. The attack of the militants have accelerated for the past two months due to the stiff action by the government, due to the pressure from U.S against the militant.

All of you very well aware of the situation in Australia. Racial Abuse and attack, yes these are the words that gives head ache to the government and to the Indian students. So far so many of the student from India were Racially abused and attacked by the Australians. Both the Indian and Australian Government take necessary steps to prevent the unwanted things happen. As this kind of activities may cause ill effect to the prestige of Australian culture, they taken some measures to prevent this but still the act continues. This lead to the Sydney and Melbourne voted as most unsafe cities according to latest survey. This survey is taken among 6,000 overseas student. Not also this Apart from this two cities Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide also placed among most dangerous and unfriendly cities to live with. This will not the good sign for the Australian Government as most of the overseas student in Australia are from India. So this should surely impact in there educational field. Lets hope and wish Australian Government keep up the rope tight to keep such activities at bay.

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When any festival arrives it’s a good thing to share gifts to our relatives. It will make the bond between the two very strong. In western countries during the seasonal holiday it’s a culture they follow to exchange gifts between them. They keep on following the tradition now also. If you have an idea of gift to a child a different thing to them tries the Laundry bag. You can personalize with a name or monogram in it will look cool for a terry towel wrap. If you want to gift kids who are going to school it will be best to gift them the combination of personalized bath towel wrap with a personalized laundry bag or personalized kids backpack or stephen joseph quilted backpack . It will be great for them if you gift the both. It will also very useful for them if you gift both the things that they are using in their day to day life.

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In today’s world our Day to Day life is turning into a mechanical life. While constantly doing this we forget to express feeling and we forget to enjoy our life. The main purpose for earning is to enjoy the life in comfort and happy. But the thing happen is not like that. So think about this for a moment. Try to enjoy the life. Do the thing which keeps you happy mentally and physically. My suggestion is learn any new things or play any game you like, visit some place to relax yourself. My favorite games are cricket, golf, chess, and table tennis. So you too have your set of favorite games.
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All eyes in the world are in China, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary. They done this with staging mass celebration by displaying vast line of tanks, hundreds of thousands of soldiers and missile launchers in the parade held in the capital Beijing. This parade shows previously unseen missile technology. After 60 gun salute, the Chinese flag was formally raised. The president speaking from the same spot where Mao Zedong had stood 60 years ago. Mao Zedong, a revolutionary leader who proclaimed the foundation of the people’s republic of China on 1 October 1949. High security is in place followed by the celebration.

It must be a normal day for the Samoan Islanders and Tonga until before 1740 GMT on Tuesday. Because at 1748 GMT the 8.3 magnitude quake struck the island which generates 15ft waves in some areas of the island. The pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said that earthquake struck at the depth of 33km, some 190km from Apia, Capital of Samoa. Initially Tsunami warnings issued to New Zealand, Japan, Hawaii but later it withdrawn the warning. It is feared that more than 300 peoples killed by the Tsunami created by the quake in the island. Amateur video footage shows the devastation by the Tsunami, homes, cars are flattened and lodged in top of the trees. European Union also released some amount for the rescue operation and aid for the victims.

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It must be one of the dark days in their calendar for the Indonesians. A heavy earthquake of 7.6 magnitudes struck them at 1716 local time on Wednesday. The area of occurrence is some 85km under the sea, North West of city of Padang, the capital of west Sumatra province. Again at 0852 local time on Thursday a second quake of 6.8 magnitudes struck close to Padang. The government announces so far at least 529 peoples are known to have died in this powerful quake. And more than 400 people have been seriously injured. This heavy earthquake brings down the buildings, schools, hospitals everything on its way. This severe quake also brings down the telephone lines, which severely affects the communication in that region for rescue and also makes it difficult to get the scale of damage. On December 26th 2004 quake hit the Indonesia which spawned the Asian tsunami which kills 170,000 in Indonesia alone overall of 230,000 people in other countries.