The Web Development Process is normally developed for three important levels such as data services, user services and business services. The user services are used to create a visual access for client to interact. These types of applications are processed from two different ranges such as java and HTML. The B2C and B2B are very important tools of current business. The entire web app development process is divided in to four types of phases like performing beta testing and stability system, envisioning the scope of web based application by defining, developing website application and scheming out web app architecture and time lines. But the web application development process is not accessible for business representative.

The Website Design has very responsive, unique and creative design. It has to be needed for websites because they are improving numerous websites.  Especially four types of cool Website Design Ideas are highly famous on website like we are cup cup, Sony Ericson, Nike better world and Pole cat. The cup cup Website Design Ideas are socially connected to twitter and Facebook site. It is an initial design. Another type of Sony Ericson is well popular for numerous audiences. The Sony Ericson website design is also known as Xperia social Experiment. The Nike better world web designs have very simple design. It is used to apply for both offline and online advertising. Final category of Pole cat has a traditional concept. It is used to run by iPad application concept.

Nowadays Small Business Web Design is highly competitive and has powerful business in New York. There are numerous web design firms provide more value added services at affordable rate. The web design firms are equipped with web development software and latest high end graphics software.  The main uses of it can provide the experienced programmers.