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The large hadron collider is the world’s largest and highest –energy particle accelerator. This is shortly called as LHC. LHC was built by European Organization for Nuclear Research also known as CERN. The main purpose of creating this collider is to testing various predictions of high energy physics. This LHC is located in Geneva, Switzerland. LHC is not situated in open land it’s in a tunnel of 27 KM in circumference and 175 meters beneath the France Swiss border. This Giant machine started its process on 10 of September 2008 by passing the proton beam in a main ring. But the operation lasted only for 9 days. On 19th September of the same year the operation was halted due to the problems in superconducting magnets. Its funded and built in collaboration with over 10,000 engineers and scientists from 100 countries and above. Also many Universities and laboratories took part in this experiment. The cost for the project is expected to be 3million Euros for accelerator. The CERN contribution towards the experiment was 700 million Euros. But the cost keeps on increasing due to technical faults. If the machine goes well as predicted we get the answers for many unknown questions that scientists are searching for years.

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The Solar eclipse that takes place on july 22, will be a total eclipse of the sun. It is said to be the one of the longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century. The eclipse lasts for at most 6 minutes and 39 seconds. The eclips will be visible fully in the parts of eastern china and India. Next full solar eclipse will occur on june 13,2132. Some rumors are doing round about the eclipse that earthquake and tsunami may occur. And some unwanted things happen to the human beings predicted by astrologers. But scientifically there is no evidence that such kind of things will happen. May be it affect human being ,you should use your light to do your works.Apart from that it’s a beautiful treat to watch this celestial event. So don’t miss this rare change to view this event.

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A Tsunami , Pronounced tsoo-NAH-mee is a series of waves, occurs in oceans by an earthquake, Volcanic eruption, landslide or meteorite impact. It’s a Japanese word, Tsu means harbor and Nami means waves. This tsunami wave can travel very quickly, at about 700 km/hr, they are very huge. It cause huge destruction when they hit coastlines. When it travel near to the coast, it slows and grows in height due to the top of the wave moves faster than the bottom. It is not visible to the naked eye when it near the coast line, it grew to be many meter high and have tremendous amount of energy. The signs of Tsunami are if an earthquake takes place near a water body, means tsunami will follow in a short while. There us a loud roar similar to a train or aircraft. Some large animals like elephants hear the noise of the tsunami and move in the opposite direction towards inland.

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By winning the Wimbledon title Roger Federer become the first man to win most no. of grand slam tittle in the history of tennis. The number of grand slam won by him was 15. The finals of this year Wimbledon between Federer and Andy Rodick is just like a thriller climax. This avid final last for 4 hours and 16 minutes to Federer to claim his world record title. It almost took 1 hour and 30 min for Federer to beat andy in his final set of the match. Andy’s dream came to end this time also to claim his maiden Wimbledon trophy. He already lost this title twice to Federer in the previous Wimbledon . By claiming this tittle Federer broke the previous record of great peat Sampras, which almost last for 9 years. He had done the record of being No.1 for 237 consecutive weeks. He is the one who won all the 6 grand slam titles. Surely his success must be an inspiration to the upcoming generation.