Do you know how the Continent America is named? If those who don’t know can continue to read this. Those who know already also can continue to this. Since you don’t have any work I know that( so only you are reading my blog post). Almost 500 years ago every one belives that the world consists of Asia, Africa, and Europe, the three part of the world known since antiquity. After they discover the unknown fourth world.So the name it after the Itallian merchant Amerigo Vespucci. A map reveals the information of this, measures 8ft wide by 4.5ft high. The map was the first to suggest the existence of pacific ocean . Reacently US library of congress acquired the map for the sum of $10m, Highest price the library had ever paid for anything in its vast collection. They consider it as proud by referring to the map as America’s “ birth certificate”

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