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In those days we used to play outdoor games like cricket, volleyball, baseball, and many games. But those are those days, today youngsters and children are rare to see in the field of these above mentioned games the number is reduced much than ever. The places of those games are occupied by modern video games which brings reality and more fun than ever. No wonder youngsters are attracted towards it. They need the action and adventure thrill in instance. So the video games offer them what they want. Especially action games like war field games bring much reality and action thrill they want. This year released action war game modern warfare 2 is expected to release in this November. So many children and youngsters are waiting for the release. From this expectation you can judge how far the game reach and get popular among the youngsters.
This modern warfare 2 game is compatible with the Xbox 360 a separate console for playing games. Most of the players who used play the action games are interested to play in this Xbox. Not only the Xbox but also PS3 is available for these games to play. So this November should be a great fun to the players who are waiting for the games to play in there console. The specialty of this game is it brings the liveliness of the war field like the player itself enters into the game. When game like this which makes the player much involved in the game bring the victory to the company who released it. So let’s play the game.

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