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Things are not quite well in our neighbor state. For the past 2 weeks Telangana rashtra Samiti chief K. Chandrasekhara Rao going fast unto death demanding for Separate telangana state from Andra Pradesh. This is the 11th day of his fast-unto-death, so the condition is deteriorate. So tension is spread among the state. Nine district in Telangana were imposed under section 144 due to harsh activities from the supporters of TRS party. Two other party like Bharatiya Janatha Party, Communist Party of India were also joined their hand with TRS party. So the ruling party Congress is in great confusion how to avoid this situation Things will be clear today, as prime minister address this issue second time in a day. Most likely Telangana will be announced as Union territory. We have to wait and watch the situation.

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At the end of every year we used to look back at the days we spent in that year. It may be important one which gives enough joy and happiness to ours. So there is also another ritual like thing in this techie world. It often list out the important things happened to the world in that particular year. So in this I want to list out the word which is used most by the people in this current year. This year world is hit by so many shocking waves like financial Tsunami, all world afraid of pandemic disease, political event, Natural disaster, Death of pop king. But the word which stands tall and attain the place numero uno may be sound peculiar. The word is Twitter. Yes this new form of social interaction is numero uno place followed by U.S president Obama. Third place is for H1N1 virus which keeps the world at bay. Stimulus and Vampire is in fourth and fifth place each. Word Unemployment is in 13th place.