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It must be one of the dark days in their calendar for the Indonesians. A heavy earthquake of 7.6 magnitudes struck them at 1716 local time on Wednesday. The area of occurrence is some 85km under the sea, North West of city of Padang, the capital of west Sumatra province. Again at 0852 local time on Thursday a second quake of 6.8 magnitudes struck close to Padang. The government announces so far at least 529 peoples are known to have died in this powerful quake. And more than 400 people have been seriously injured. This heavy earthquake brings down the buildings, schools, hospitals everything on its way. This severe quake also brings down the telephone lines, which severely affects the communication in that region for rescue and also makes it difficult to get the scale of damage. On December 26th 2004 quake hit the Indonesia which spawned the Asian tsunami which kills 170,000 in Indonesia alone overall of 230,000 people in other countries.

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