“Nothing can be changed until you make it to change”. I feel happy to start this post with wonderful proverb. Retaining your job in this critical economic world is not at all easy. Let me give few simple but powerful steps to hold your position. Friends, everyone can do their work with their best, but how are you going show yourself different from others?? This will help you to rock. Implement creative and innovative steps to improve your routine work. Impress your higher authorities by your smart work. Be punctual as much as your can. Take extra responsibilities whenever you get a chance. Be friendly with your colleagues. Let other’s trust on you. Above all, create best impression at the beginning of your career that helps you more.
- Winners Don’t Do Different things
They Do things differently
Try to be a winner always

Finally summer holidays. Many of us are planning for summer occasion so here is some of the famous tourist places in India. Many of us are interested to visit the hill stations some of the hill stations are
1. Kodaikal
2. Munnar
3. Ooty
4. Darjelling
5. Manali
6. Kullu
7. Shimla
8. Coonoor.

And some are interested in visiting pilgrimage sites some of the famous sites are
1. South India Temples
2. Hampi
3. Vaishno devi
4. Thirupathi Balaji
5. Haridwar
6. Madurai
7. Golden Temple
8. Mathura.

While you are in tour don’t miss the Heritage sites some of them are
1. Taj Mahal
2. Ajantha- Ellora caves
3. Mahabalipuram
4. Konark Temples
5. Khajuraho Temples.

And also wildlife sanctuary like
1. Kaziranga National Park
2. Periyar wildlife sanctuary
3. Sunderbans Natiional Park
4. Kanha National park

5. Kumarakom bird sanctuary

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It’s the Election Time. The World’s largest democratic country’s election, it’s a big process. The fourth coming general election is for 15th Lok sabha, which consists of 543 constituency. Some of the facts about the elections, In the last election about 617 million people are listed in the voters list who are eligible for casting their votes. For the coming election about 714 million voters are eligible for cast their vote. In that no of youth votes are higher than ever.

All constituency voters having their photo voter ID except Assam, Nagaland, Jammu & Kashmir region. Amount of money which is going to spend for this election is 1,120 crores. For voting now a days electronic voting machine(EVM) is used. For this election 13,68,430 EVM’s are going to be used, in that Braille signage is added to help the visually impaired people. To mark the voter who cast their votes with indelible ink in their index finger. The amount of ink used will be 20,140 liters. Wooooooooop really a big process isn’t it. Really we must be proud to be the part of largest democratic country.

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Now a days most of the youngsters are interested to do there higher studies abroad. For that they have to undertake some exams. Some of the Competitive exam are Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT), Test of English as a Foreign language(TOFEL), Graduate Record Examination (GRE),Scholastic Aptitute Test (SAT).These exams are for getting admission for the universities in USA and CANADA and in some EUROPEAN Countries . And the youngsters are having clear idea of what stream to choose and which University. And some of the top 10 University to study are

1. Harvard University(U.S.A)
2. Yale University(U.S.A)
3. University of Cambridge(U.K)
4. University of Oxford(U.K)
5. California Institute of Technology(U.S.A)
6. Imperial Collage of London(U.K)
7. University collage London(U.K)
8. University of Chicago(U.S.A)
9. Massachusetts Institute of technology(U.S.A)
10. Colombia University(U.S.A)

Dear All... It's unbelievable to see that, There is no power cuts, 24*7 Water Supply, Call rates getting down and so on... Getting Confused?? Here is an answer. Yes this is because of an Election. So all the basic amenities which were neglected, will be within the reach of all people, till the election is over!! We can't blame any individuals or parties. This is going to be the case whomsoever going to be there. The basic amenities are enjoyed like a leap year for a month once in a five year. . Whom to blame to blame? The educated fools, illiterates, Youngsters? All highly Qualified by education may feel very angry with me for the word i described "educated fools". I dont want to justify on that but i would like to share what made me describe that including myself. Because we dont have guts to do something good to the society nor the family or to ourself. Just ask the same question to people like us and find an Answer to it. Then every year is a leap year.

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Ponniyin Selvan One of the Famous tamil Historic story written by Kalki Krishnamurthy . Kalki was one of the famous writter in tamil. This Story deals with the Chola emperor.This story reveals around Vallavarayan Vanthiyathevan. The main characters of this story are Vallavarayan vanthiyathevan , Arulmozhivarman ( Famously known as Raja Raja Cholan) , Kundavai piratiyar, Nandini, Aditya karikalar, Vanathi , Poonkuzhali, Aazhvaarkadiyan.
At first this story is published in weekly magazine, written in 5 volumes. This serial went for three and half years. And it receives great applause from the people. This story has many twists that keeps the readers very interesting. The story narration by kalki is extraordinary. If u rated the novels written in tamil then this one must comes in top five