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When i wrote this i had very hard feeling. Its so hard to heard the news that there is only 1411 tigers left in our country. As being national animal for our country its very hard and painful to know only the few amount of tiger is left in our country. Being a national animal they doesn’t deserve this kind of place. We can help on this by being spread the message of SAVE OUR TIGERS. Aircel has partnered with WWF to help save our national animal. As I’m very concerned I took this initiative to blog by thoughts. You can also do your part like spread this kind of news by blog, speak up, share your thoughts my mail sms or in social network, download the wallpaper. By this we can save our national animal from full exists. 

Did you miss the chance to watch the match between India and South Africa’s 2nd one day international than you definitely missed the action and happy moments that need to be enjoyed by every Indian and cricket fans. In yesterday match India’s Little Master Sachin Tendulkar smashes first ODI double century. First man in the history of cricket to do so. He did this amazing world record in just 147 balls. Not this but also 25 boundary in a single match by a player is also world record. 
The word Sachin means record. He is the man who hold many record in cricket. But this record what he created yesterday may takes many year to breaks. May it may not. The only man who can break the record will be none other than himself. He made us proud by his record. Every one in the world who knows cricket will praise him a lot. There is no word for him to praise. 
Hereafter in each and every match in cricket they will talk about this record every in the cricket world will chase this record. This will be their dream to chase. On this occasion they will remember the great legend in the cricket history. Sachin you made us proud. We need more from you. We all love you. Jai ho Sachin

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I remember the lesson thought for me in my 11th grade that is water is the elixir of life. How true the word is isn’t it? Because all the living thing in the world depends on it so there is no other word that the water is elixir of our life. So saving water is very important in now days due to scarcity of rainfall. Every year the amount of rainfall received to earth is very lower than the previous year. So its very important to save rain water and utilize the remaining water in small quantity. Even the water we used for the toilet. There is no joke in this line. Any product that saves water and also saves your money will be good . Do here is a good product to save the water dual flush toilet do this work. It used to save water and also saves our money.