All of you very well aware of the situation in Australia. Racial Abuse and attack, yes these are the words that gives head ache to the government and to the Indian students. So far so many of the student from India were Racially abused and attacked by the Australians. Both the Indian and Australian Government take necessary steps to prevent the unwanted things happen. As this kind of activities may cause ill effect to the prestige of Australian culture, they taken some measures to prevent this but still the act continues. This lead to the Sydney and Melbourne voted as most unsafe cities according to latest survey. This survey is taken among 6,000 overseas student. Not also this Apart from this two cities Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide also placed among most dangerous and unfriendly cities to live with. This will not the good sign for the Australian Government as most of the overseas student in Australia are from India. So this should surely impact in there educational field. Lets hope and wish Australian Government keep up the rope tight to keep such activities at bay.

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