Every one starts to learn after getting to school. So to the interesting findings is Frog embryo can smell their predators. Still developing as embryos frog learns to recognize the smell of their enemies. Research found that woodfrog embryo were able to learn the level of threat posed by their future enemy salamanders. For testing the team combined crushed tadpole with water that a tiger salamander had been swimming in. They pored this water in the water surrounding the woodfrog embryo egg mass. As the embryo presumably samples the water and can smells the cues. After the egg hatched to tadpole is introduced container contain water and measured about their movement. Next they moved it to container contain of odour of salamander and measure the movement. The result is dramatic the tadpole go from swimming not stop, to not moving at all for several minutes as the common anti predator behavior is freezing. This learning sense at the early stage of development is so amazing isn’t it?

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