Once Big Dug has provided you with  great garage shelving and excellent  heavy duty racking you may be left wondering just how you can safely transport items from your shelves to your car or delivery vehicle, from your garage to your home, and of course, how you can efficiently transport new stock items and store them quickly and securely? One thing is for sure: there is absolutely no way that you should ever endanger your health by attempting to physically lift or drag heavy items to or from shelves as you could endanger not only your own health but also the health and safety of fellow workers or family members.  The answer of course, lies in investing in functional and time saving trucks, trolleys and transportation equipment which protects your health and makes for a safe and secure storage and retrieval system in your home or in your business. Therefore, we have a great selection of sack trucks, stair climber sack trucks, pallet trucks, platform trucks, shelf trolleys and turntable trucks. Furthermore, we also stock dollies, trolleys and load movers, cylinder handling equipment, stock trolleys, shopping trolleys, roll pallets and storage cages.  Therefore, we can easily supply you with tall of the high quality equipment necessary to ensure the safety of your stock and products, and the health and safety of your employees, colleagues, family members and clients and customers.   For the very best deals in the business s for shelving and innovative and flexible storage solutions for domestic and commercial properties, please contact Big Dug at any time at our exciting and interactive website www.bigdug.co.uk  We have many videos and product specifications to help you in your choice and our customer service agents are keen to help at any time with informed advice. 

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