In these days the architects, building contractors and the interior designers gets increased and they are handling many environmental friendly projects. The polished concrete floors are one of the projects and it can be done by using latest diamond technology. The floors can be maintained by using certain flooring solution and it is mainly used to avoid the chemical decomposition of the floors. Normally the concrete consists of crushed stone, sand, cement and water. The ingredients of this concrete are purely natural and The Eco rating of this is 5. Installing the polished concrete is a pollution free “ Green” Process.

The stained concrete is one of the simplest and low-priced methods to improve the appearance of the concrete surfaces. It is very easy to maintain the concrete surfaces for both the residential and commercial properties. It mainly protects our environment and also saves more energy. The concrete polishing will have high durability and sustainability. It is less expensive and just looks like the granite, marble or slate. The cost of maintenance is also very low and it is getting very popular these days. The building contractors mostly prefer to use this polished concrete in the floors which can give a separate style and look with high gloss finishing.

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