The 100 Percent Winners are the new sports software which was created for the sole purpose of making the user’s money on a single bet. If you don’t know about sport’s arbitrage betting, here are some little summary. For example in a betting of tennis match, Nadal and other are federer. There are different winners on this match. 

The 100 Percent Winners software does the identification of the bookies that pick Nadal is federer. It will have been identified as the biggest bet on each side. Let us say that Betfair had picked the Nadal to win and you stand at more when Nadal wins. We have placed an equal down with two different bookies of the 2 possible outcomes of the match on autopilot with 100 Percent Winner software. You can be wagered $60 at each and every bookie. And if you stand to make the additional $70 when Nadal wins at Betfair, you can stand to make the additional $70 if Federer wins at pinnacle.

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