There are hundreds of Paid Survey Sites are open, if you need it, join them. There are five best survey sites available Survey savvy; Treasure Trooper, my survey, Global Test market, and Toluna. The survey savvy leading market was established in 1977. There are millions of members available in this survey sites all over the countries. If you have entered the name in drawing, you can get the $10 prizes and make more money by your friends. It will deliver the check up to 4 to 6 week. The Treasure Trooper is the second type of survey site. You have to pay for surveys in signup free services and trial products. You will get the profit of 20% direct referrals and 5% indirect referrals. It helps more members to earn more money. 

My survey is the best site for teens. The minimum age of US teen is 14 years, and international teens are 16 years. You can get the minimum points in this survey site which offers the prize of 1100 my survey points; they are equal to the $10. Just 14 years you can join the Global test market to earn more money. It’s a point system based, if you don’t need the complete survey, you can earn some points to take the particular survey. When you have 1000 points, they are equal to $50.

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