The Air Conditioner Compressor is attached with the condenser and it is usually located in the outdoors. The compressor motor works like a pump and it is responsible to move the refrigerant gas from the indoors of a building through the air ducts and evaporator coil. The compressor has the main responsibility in air conditioning. In the compressor, the liquid forms as cool gas and leaves the hot pressurized gas.  It has tight closely packed liquid molecules which helps us to increase the energy and temperature. For increasing the durability, the air filters should be cleaned for every two weeks and it should be replaced within every six months.

There are so many types of Air Conditioner Compressor available such as scroll type compressors and reciprocating type compressors. These are highly expensive and also give more efficiency as the output. It is found in cars. It is to be regularly maintained and checked. The damaged tubes should get altered by placing a new one.

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