Because there is so much money to made betting on Grand Slam tennis, you may notice that your favorite online tennis betting site starts running a little slower just before a tournament is about to start. Before making a wager at your online games betting site, make sure you know a bit about each tournament first.

Australian Open
Form counts for very little when playing down under because the overriding factor about the Australian Open is the heat. Only players who are comfortable playing in such high temperatures will do well in Melbourne. 

French Open
The red clay surface at Roland Garros makes for a totally different game of tennis. Clay really slows the ball down so longer rallies and energy-sapping five set matches are more common. For a player to be victorious here they need to be physically strong and have lots of stamina.

Although many fans find Wimbledon the most entertaining Grand Slam tournament, some players believe that the grass courts tip matches too much in the favor of players with big serves. Players with plenty of patience (as well as big serves) generally do well at Wimbledon.

US Open
The US Open is the only Grand Slam where matches have a final set tie-break. This can sometimes affect a player mentally as the thought of having to break their opponent may not spring to mind and so they may opt to try for a tie-break instead. The hard court surface makes for quite an even playing field.

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