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Every one wants  the New year should bring some love and luck to them all through the year. So to prepare that everyone wants to correct themselves in the name of NEW YEAR RESOLUTION. This is a positive attitude to take a new year resolution. But the funny thing is how many of them keep their resolution got going. The meaning of resolution is renew all old and odd things that we practice is our life till now that we didn’t like. And add few things new that can make us feel good. And make them as practice in our life. But many of us thing of taking new resolution but we fail to keep the resolution. So it good thing to have some thing in your mind for the resolution and very good if you keep it going. And my new year resolution will be keep my old resolution going. ;) . So every one out their WISH YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ONE N ALL. Lets this year will bring lot of meaning to your life.

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