Hair Replacement is a part of fashion, it is very popular in nowadays. It is liked by many people. Hair extension treatment use high quality piece of replacement hair. It is a latest fashion and it is spread throughout the world. Three different methods are used such as braid weaves, mega tips and micro linking. . There are two types of quality hairs used such as virgin hair and Remy. This hair replacement treatment has some side effects such as prominent scarring and bruising. Hair Extensions are very popular in nowadays it is mostly liked by women. Hair extensions are available in different colors such as pink and brown. It is part of fashion. There are two types of hair extensions used such as real extensions and synthetic extensions. This extension technique is made by manmade fibers. It is very attractive technique and it is provided by lot of beauty industries. Lot of modern hair replacement techniques are following Hair Pieces; some of the advantages of this replacement of hair treatment are looking younger, more attractive, more self confidence and better impression. Some of the cosmetic surgery treatment is followed in hair replacement. There are two types of hair pieces are available such as natural and artificial hair.

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