Dubai is back to business. After a long break due to the recession, Dubai back with a back in construction field. Trident International holding has awarded 400 million contracts to Arabian construction Company going to build the world’s tallest residential tower. The name of the world’s largest residential tower as “Pentominium” whose name is derived from two words: Penthouse and condominium. Pentominium will contain 124 floors. After this construction it will be the world’s tallest man made structure and second tallest building in the world next to Burj Dubai, which is also located in Dubai. Total area for build up for this tower will be 170,000 square meters and the construction duration for this tower will take up to 48 months as per the company statement. The Pentominum will be the tallest all residential building in the world after the work is completed and it also currently has the highest projected height of any residential building under construction.

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