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Mr. Cool tops again. Mahendra Singh Dhoni tops in another list, being a richest international cricketer with the annual earnings of $10 million. In the recently released Forbes list Dhoni tops the list, earns $8 million in endorsement and the rest his from his cricket salary and fees. Dhoni was ambassador to 17 corporate some brands like Reebok, General Electric, Aircel and Pepsi. Sachin is in second spot with earnings of $8 million. And the dashing Batsman Yuvi was in third spot with total earnings of over $6 million. Then come Rahul Dravid and Andrew Flintoff in fourth and fifth spot. Sixth place was shared by Souvrav Ganguly and Ricky pointing. Brett Lee and Kevin Peterson hold the eighth spot. And finally Australian Vice captain Micheal Clarke.

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