In a recent BBC expedition they had discovered a weird and wonderful animal in world’s most remote rainforest. The team went there to explore the crater of a pristine giant extinct volcano located in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. During their venture the team filmed strange spider, giant caterpillar and tree living Kangaroos. The team consists of two cameraman, two sound recordists, two directors and support staffs. Also medic specialized in remote area and an expert in ropes and climbing trees. During this expedition the team found no of new creature. The team is not sure until scientists have had chance to formally evaluate and describe the animal found, but they suspect they may have discovered up to 40 new species. This list includes 16 new species of frog, 1 species of gecko, three new species of fish, 20 species of insects and spider and 1 from bat. They also found a Doria’s tree kangaroo.

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