Recession the word which is heard all over the world than any other. The word dramatically change the life of many People in the world. And it is not surprise the World Richest also got into this. You came to know from the result of the billionaire of this year. Last year the list has 1,125 billionaires but today there is only 793.Inthe recent Forbes list U.S is top the list with 44% of the money and 45%of the list’s slots. The list of the top ten richest person is given below
1. William Gates III
2. Warren Buffett
3. Carlos Slim
4. Lawrence Ellison
5. Ingvar Kamprad
6. Karl Albrecht
7. Mukesh Ambani
8. Lakshmi Mittal
9. Theo Albrecht
10. Amancio Ortega

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