I feel proud to say something about a person who is known to each and every person in the world by his records. Yes I am talking about Sachien- the master blaster. He started his international career at the age of 15 years 203 days, one who get in to international team at young age. One thing to say about Sachien is when he was in school team player; coach used to keep coin above the stumps, bowler who takes his wicket can take that coin. Sachien didn’t give 13 coins out of 15. First he started against Pakistan which has bowling legends Imran Khan, W.Younis, W.Akram and so, but Sachien scored unbelievable 45 runs and made match to drawn. But now if you arrange his records in a stake it will be more height than him. He is the one who scored highest number of centuries in both form of cricket, leading run scorer, maximum number of man of the match and man of the series award winner. He played maximum number of matches in the history of cricket. There is no record to achieve in cricket. If Cricket is a religion then Sachien will be the god. We must feel proud to be watching the live action of cricket god Sachien Tendulkar.

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