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Every one of us should be proud of their Nationality. So me too want to share my proudness about my country. India is the birth place of many invension.
The Pi value is calculated by Budhayana. And Indians are Very clever in Mathametics. Algebra, Trignometry, Calculus are originally originated in India.
Indians are not only clever in Mathamatics they are very intelligent in medicine, Astronomy. Sushruta is consider as father of Surgery. Charaka is consider as father of Ayurveda Medicine. Uses of anesthesia is used in ancient medicine. Bhaskaracharya who calculated the earth rotation in the ancient times.
In olden days Indians give more preference to Education this can be well known from this , The world’s first university was established in India in 700 B.C in Takshila. And University of Nalanda built in 4th century .
And India is the birth place of 4 religion Hinduism , Buddhism, Jainism, Sikkism.
India having more post office in the world. Largest Employer in the world is the Indian Railway system.
The above are some of the interesting things that make the Indians proud. There are many things which doesn’t mention here ,some things can’t be mention in a single page !!!!

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