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Raja Raja Chola (also known as Arulmozhivarman) is consider as one of the greatest king of chola empire. He ruled the Chola Kingdom between 985 to 1014 AD. During his period Thanjur was his capital. During his administration he divided country in districts and standardize the revenue collection. He invaded Srilanka and capture the whole island. After that the Chola Kingdom Ruled the island for a century. He conquered all the kingdom in south India so that his empire extended upto Orissa in the north to Srilanka in the south. He also build the famous Thanjur Brihadisvarar Temple. If anyone read the novel Ponniyin Selvan by Kalki will surely get interested towards the king Raja Raja Chola. He is father of three children. After him his son the Great Rajendra Chola bring considerable strength and power to the Chola Kingdom.

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