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At the time blogger website opens many youngsters and other people loves to create their own blog. They write their own life stories and their personal life in it. Since it is free of service it attracts many people toward it. On those days having posting a blog post in his or her blog or having his or her own blog is consider as fashion statement and pride. And after Google introduce the page rank to the bloggers who own the blog.. Then many people want to open their account since it give money through advertisement given to the blogger. But before you get the page rank you have to maintain the good blog. So before that you need to know about how Google use to calculation the page rank. So from this blog post you can learn about how Google use the technology to rate your blog or website and how other SEO web directories used to help the fellow bloggers and all.
Submitting in web directories mechanism helps to get you the widest possible number of visitors and thus expand your name and brand. There are two ways to use web directories. The first of course is to submit your site to them for broadcast. The other is to search through web directories for sites that fit your needs.
Home & Garden, Internet, Computers & technology, Arts & Humanities Health & Fitness, News & Politics, People & Society, sports, Regions, Science & Reference, are some of the major categories of some famous business web directory.
Web directories are popularly used by webmasters, users, and anyone in Internet business. Our directory may be a good solution for website owners when they seek to improve their link popularity and increase their traffic. In max web directory, there are totally 1655 categories such as Arts, Games, Internet, Recreation, Shopping, Business, Health, Kids and teens, computers, Home, News, Reference, Society, Regional and sports.

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