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In today corporate world all the corporate companies are eager to form a team because team work is a good for their employee and for them to it increase the productivity of the company. Before that to lead a team their must be a effective team leader and he should impose good team leadership quality. For the good team leader quality some quality must be their in the guideline and here I had try to give some points to improve it.
1.Make weak workers work with stronger ones
2.Know everything – keep on top of your brief and your subject – knowledge gets respect
3.Have a laugh
4.Delegate – very, very important – don't take on too much it gets no-one anywhere
5.Daily stand-up meetings – 2 minutes every morning so everyone knows where they are
6.Weekly retro meetings – feedback on what we can improve every week and make sure it is acted upon
7.Don't vanish to meetings without letting others know
8.Have clear timelines
9.Give positive feedback in front of others
So if you follow these kind of guidance in the team and you team leader have this kind of quality then the team will grow in good speed and you are having effective team leader .

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