All of us are very well known that the Britain’s Oxford University press releases dictionary. They are having the tradition of adding a new word to their latest dictionary. So this year the words which got into the dictionary from varies field are followed below. UNFRIEND- is defined as verb which means remove someone from social networking site as a FRIEND. And this word is chosen as a word of the year by the New Oxford American Dictionary. Other words which made their entries are HASHTAG which is hash sign is added to a word in technology. INTEXICATING means people who get distracted by texting while driving. SEXTING which means sending pictures and messages which are sexually explicit. From economy FREEMIUM made its entry which means a business model in which some basic service are provided free. FUNEMPLOYED refered to people taking advantage of newly unemployed status to have fun. CHOICE MOM means a person who choose to be a single mother. From Novelty word DELEB which means dead celebrity. And finally TRAMP STAMP referred to a tattoo on the lower back on a women.

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