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A Tsunami , Pronounced tsoo-NAH-mee is a series of waves, occurs in oceans by an earthquake, Volcanic eruption, landslide or meteorite impact. It’s a Japanese word, Tsu means harbor and Nami means waves. This tsunami wave can travel very quickly, at about 700 km/hr, they are very huge. It cause huge destruction when they hit coastlines. When it travel near to the coast, it slows and grows in height due to the top of the wave moves faster than the bottom. It is not visible to the naked eye when it near the coast line, it grew to be many meter high and have tremendous amount of energy. The signs of Tsunami are if an earthquake takes place near a water body, means tsunami will follow in a short while. There us a loud roar similar to a train or aircraft. Some large animals like elephants hear the noise of the tsunami and move in the opposite direction towards inland.

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