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By winning the Wimbledon title Roger Federer become the first man to win most no. of grand slam tittle in the history of tennis. The number of grand slam won by him was 15. The finals of this year Wimbledon between Federer and Andy Rodick is just like a thriller climax. This avid final last for 4 hours and 16 minutes to Federer to claim his world record title. It almost took 1 hour and 30 min for Federer to beat andy in his final set of the match. Andy’s dream came to end this time also to claim his maiden Wimbledon trophy. He already lost this title twice to Federer in the previous Wimbledon . By claiming this tittle Federer broke the previous record of great peat Sampras, which almost last for 9 years. He had done the record of being No.1 for 237 consecutive weeks. He is the one who won all the 6 grand slam titles. Surely his success must be an inspiration to the upcoming generation.

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