The large hadron collider is the world’s largest and highest –energy particle accelerator. This is shortly called as LHC. LHC was built by European Organization for Nuclear Research also known as CERN. The main purpose of creating this collider is to testing various predictions of high energy physics. This LHC is located in Geneva, Switzerland. LHC is not situated in open land it’s in a tunnel of 27 KM in circumference and 175 meters beneath the France Swiss border. This Giant machine started its process on 10 of September 2008 by passing the proton beam in a main ring. But the operation lasted only for 9 days. On 19th September of the same year the operation was halted due to the problems in superconducting magnets. Its funded and built in collaboration with over 10,000 engineers and scientists from 100 countries and above. Also many Universities and laboratories took part in this experiment. The cost for the project is expected to be 3million Euros for accelerator. The CERN contribution towards the experiment was 700 million Euros. But the cost keeps on increasing due to technical faults. If the machine goes well as predicted we get the answers for many unknown questions that scientists are searching for years.

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