Dear All... It's unbelievable to see that, There is no power cuts, 24*7 Water Supply, Call rates getting down and so on... Getting Confused?? Here is an answer. Yes this is because of an Election. So all the basic amenities which were neglected, will be within the reach of all people, till the election is over!! We can't blame any individuals or parties. This is going to be the case whomsoever going to be there. The basic amenities are enjoyed like a leap year for a month once in a five year. . Whom to blame to blame? The educated fools, illiterates, Youngsters? All highly Qualified by education may feel very angry with me for the word i described "educated fools". I dont want to justify on that but i would like to share what made me describe that including myself. Because we dont have guts to do something good to the society nor the family or to ourself. Just ask the same question to people like us and find an Answer to it. Then every year is a leap year.

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