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Now a days most of the youngsters are interested to do there higher studies abroad. For that they have to undertake some exams. Some of the Competitive exam are Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT), Test of English as a Foreign language(TOFEL), Graduate Record Examination (GRE),Scholastic Aptitute Test (SAT).These exams are for getting admission for the universities in USA and CANADA and in some EUROPEAN Countries . And the youngsters are having clear idea of what stream to choose and which University. And some of the top 10 University to study are

1. Harvard University(U.S.A)
2. Yale University(U.S.A)
3. University of Cambridge(U.K)
4. University of Oxford(U.K)
5. California Institute of Technology(U.S.A)
6. Imperial Collage of London(U.K)
7. University collage London(U.K)
8. University of Chicago(U.S.A)
9. Massachusetts Institute of technology(U.S.A)
10. Colombia University(U.S.A)

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