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It’s the Election Time. The World’s largest democratic country’s election, it’s a big process. The fourth coming general election is for 15th Lok sabha, which consists of 543 constituency. Some of the facts about the elections, In the last election about 617 million people are listed in the voters list who are eligible for casting their votes. For the coming election about 714 million voters are eligible for cast their vote. In that no of youth votes are higher than ever.

All constituency voters having their photo voter ID except Assam, Nagaland, Jammu & Kashmir region. Amount of money which is going to spend for this election is 1,120 crores. For voting now a days electronic voting machine(EVM) is used. For this election 13,68,430 EVM’s are going to be used, in that Braille signage is added to help the visually impaired people. To mark the voter who cast their votes with indelible ink in their index finger. The amount of ink used will be 20,140 liters. Wooooooooop really a big process isn’t it. Really we must be proud to be the part of largest democratic country.

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