The skin protection is very important task; however it will helps to improve our appearance to the
people whom we meet in our daily life. The glands in our scalp which expel toxins through the
skin are: sebaceous glands and sweat glands. Sweat glands expel toxins that dissolve in water.
This is what we detox in steam bath. Sebaceous glands excrete fatty, greasy toxins. This leads
to the sort of rash you are experiencing. The tip of the nose has a particularly large collection of
sebaceous glands. In general the scalp is usually covered with thick, yellow scales that are often
crusty and difficult to remove.
To keep our scalp healthy we must regularly maintain the balance nature of oil and
moisture levels in the scalp. The oily scalps are easily affected by Seborrhoeic dermatitis. The
moisture level should be maintained in the scalp and it should keep clean removal of the excess
oily surface and newly created bacteria over the scalps will protect against the scalp problems.
The regular use of the shampoos will reduce the oily substance form your scalp which also
causes Seborrhoeic dermatitis. Because the shampoo with cleanser and chemicals which remove
oil from the scalp and hair.


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