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Scalp is the anatomical area boundered by the face, neck and posteriorly. Generally our scalp
has five layers, which can be easily remembered with the mnemonic SCALP
S: The skin
C: Connective tissue.
A: The Aponeurosis (Epicranial Aponeurosis)
L: The Loose Areolar Connective Tissue
P: The Pericranium (The Periosteum of the skull bones)
The Scalp plays the important role in the aesthetics of face; they are the main cause for the male
pattern hair losses. When the scalp becomes irritated or inflamed form an outside irritant is known
as contact dermatitis. There are couple of types of infections that may cause sores on the scalp,
one of them is folliculitis occurred by dirt or by bacteria and another one is Impetigo which is an
infection of the skin.
Scalp Sores and other irritations may occurred due to the Seborrheic dermatitis, it is conditions
where scalp goes unhealthy dry and flaky. Scalp scores are often the end stage of our
scalp problems. Usually, when a person has pimples or bumps on the scalp, that person will
undoubtedly suffer through months and years of extreme chornic scalp itching. These types of
scalp scores often in red, itchy, and flaky and spreads so fast. One among the major ways to
prevent scalp problem is by taking good hygiene foods.

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