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The awnings are the second layer attached to the wall of a building. Generally, it is found in backyards, covering parking spaces and on windows. It is installed on the exterior face of the buildings in doors or windows. It is used to protect people from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays in hot days. It also protects from rain, snow and other winter. It is also used in open areas for temporary car parking shades to protect the paint of the car and interior parts of the cars. Large awnings are made from aluminum slats. It is designed to durable, strong to winds and storms. It is made with woven of acrylic, cotton or polyester or vinyl laminated to polyester fabric. It is stretched tightly and made with aluminum, iron or steel.

Patio is one kind of way to enjoy the outdoors. There are many different kinds of patio awnings available to make variety of manufacturers. The patio awnings are used to protect from the weather. The price of the awning varies between the manufacturers and suppliers. These are available at very high quality. It has many models and these are able to range from automated to manual. The automated awnings are operated by a motor and a button or remote. The manual awnings are operated by hand. These types of awning are very cheaper. The patio awnings are one of the ways to increase your enjoyment. Uses of patio awnings are increasing and available in many different styles, colors and options. Generally, the awnings are used to protect from the sun. During the summer days, the sun emits harmful rays. It damages human’s skin and it causes serious health problems. The sun awnings give a shaded area. You are able to sit under the shaded area and you are protected from the UV rays.

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