The process of construction consists both assembling of infrastructure and building. Normally the construction equipments are used by two types of heavy equipments like mobile lighter equipment and portable equipment. Other type is engineering equipment. These types of equipments are only used for small backhoe in the rear combination of tractor. The engineering equipment is mostly used for two types of sites such as urban engineering and small construction sites.

The crawler is a powerful construction machine. It is attached for blade. This method of machines is called by bulldozer. The bulldozer machines are generally used in heavy engineering project. At the same time, the tractor machines are designed by dozer of blade. The next type of vehicles is combat engineering vehicles. It is used for both field like transporting sappers and battlefield. The combat vehicles are sometimes called for armoured vehicles. The final construction machine is crane.  There are three types of materials included in the crane such as lifting materials, pulleys and cables for lowering.

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