The best clothes for a woman are the hands of the man who loves her. For those who have no man I create the models. These words were told by Yves Saint Laurent and they reflect his vision of fashion, his philosophy, that very style he tried to show the world. He made the clothes so warm and so careful like the hands of a person who loved you so much! Maybe it was the secret of Yves and it made him so popular and so loved with a public.

Till our days the lines of products from YSL (the emblem of Yves Saint Laurent fashion house) are the leaders of selling in France and other countries in Europe and America.The prestigious things, original dresses and cosmetics of the highest grade are created with the only one purpose - to make the lady who trusts Yves Saint Laurent attractive and satisfied.

Yves dreamed about a career in fashion since childhood but his father was against that idea. He thought fashion is not a good profession for a fellow. But Yves’s mother asked the boy to send the sketches of his clothes to Paris. Very soon Yves knew that his evening dress was chosen to be published in Vogue. It was the beginning of the way on top in his profession and of the way down in his personal life. Drinking alcohol and using drugs, soon Yves spoilt his health. Every of the things he made - cocktail dresses or luxurious things handbags - were created with the help of drugs. In 2002 Yves felt that he had no creative strength and energy to work in his own fashion house. He left the post and another talented designer - Stefano Pilati - continued to develop the classical things.

Yves Saint Laurent died several years ago but his contribution in the development of the world fashion is really huge and remarkable!

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