You will be more than aware that finding the job you want has become increasingly difficult over the last couple of years. The economic downturn has meant that potential employers have been cutting recruitment plans, and when they do decide to take on new staff they are often inundated with applications. Look at it from the employer's perspective for a moment and think about how many CV examples they will receive, either through the post of by email.

When you apply for a job, you will need to be sure that your CV stands out from the rest of the competition. Now ask yourself this question: Does a standard old fashioned CV really do the job these days? You need to be sure that the person who makes the decision about who will be given an interview is impressed by what they see. A modern, professional curriculum vitae will do just that, which is why you need an Innovate CV.

This is a new generation online tool which incorporates a Multimedia CV builder. Essentially, this means you can use a range of functions including video and audio facilities to get your message across to the employer. There is also space to upload samples of your work, as well as any relevant certificates, qualifications and references. Imagine how impressed the HR office will be when they see your Innovate CV? You will already be one step closer to getting the job you want, so talk to the people at Innovate CV and see for yourself how impressive this new tool is.

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