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The only species which is not like his own counterpart will be man. No other living thing in earth will do like us. We only have vengeance, envy much more than than other species to its counterpart. So its started when one man get enough than the other so the other man have some reason to become envy to him. So this thing keep us to do wrong thing against someone. So we keep doing the wrong things and we need some thing to keep man kind from doing this that is we created some laws to keep ourself streamlined. So court is created and so called attorneys. They are the one who proceed our thought to the court and the judge. So im explaining about the dallas dwi attorney who are the best in the field. The dwi attorney dallas are expert in the court matters so one can go to them with full expectation. So dallas dwi is the best one for those who want their side to win in the case.

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