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Mind Mapping – What is it?
Mind mapping is a powerful technique for thinking on paper. It can help you greatly in such tasks as
  • goal setting (goal mind mapping)
  • project planning
  • organizing information for decision making
  • studying new subjects or preparing for an exam
  • preparing an oral presentation or writing an article or report
  • note taking
  • brainstorming
and many other “think on paper” types of situations.
The rationale for the use of mind maps or concept maps comes from a deeper understanding of how the brain works with information. Unlike a traditional computer, your brain does not process or organize information in linear sequences. Instead it naturally operates with networks of associations between various ideas. If you present information as a visual network, rather than a linear list, you will greatly enhance you mind powers to digest that information. You will also stimulate synergy of the left and right sides of your brain.

( P.S.Continuation of Mind mapping will follow in upcoming blog posts.)

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